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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ninja ICE Thermal Protection Gloves

The Ninja ICE Cold Resistant Gloves have been a big seller for us since 2009. These gloves are HOT sellers, too. 

We now offer 2 new Hi-Visibility (Orange & Lime) models to the standard black models which amounts to 4 models. The Black model comes in 2 models – 1 which is coated on the palm & fingers; and 1 which is fully coated for water emersion resistance. Think commercial fishermen. 

Why are these hot sellers?  The answer is very simple for the following reasons…... 

The Ninja ICE gloves are very comfortable and not bulky like standard cold resistant gloves. They can be used in light-duty to heavy-duty work since they are on the thin side but offer enough protection in the glove shell. Plus, they are very durable. 

The Ninja ICE Gloves offer great gripping in dry and wet environments. Plus the coating remains soft in temperatures as low as -58 F. 

They are popular for use at home or at work. For example, they are ideal for winter and snow removal chores at home or by tow truck drivers on the road. Even some of our railroad customers who embrace their beloved heavy-duty leather palm gloves have switched over to the Ninja ICE Gloves. 

The Ninja ICE gloves are even certified for cold use under CE Score 3232. This means they are officially cold resistant rated. 

The uses continue to grow but here are a few uses that we discovered:

Cold storage applications, Ice and refrigerated workers, Commercial fishing, Frozen food packaging, Agriculture, Carpentry, Construction, Flagmen, HVAC, Landscaping, Warehousing, Airport work, Farming, Tow Truck drivers, Plowmen, Snow Removal, Highway work, Delivery men and women, and Truck drivers just to name a few. 

The icing on the cake (pun intended) is that the Ninja Ice models can be purchased as low as $5.00 per pair depending on the model and the quantity. 


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